Our Beautiful Bookcase!

So we went to Baton Rouge for a visit for THREE WHOLE WEEKS, and thus I didn't get the chance to write a post because I was so busy with family! Trice was working some freelance gigs in New Orleans over that time period.

Speaking of freelance gigs... Trice went back to the freelance lighting world! We are loving it because it works so much better for our family. When he works, he works HARD, but when he is off, he is OFF. And we get undistracted family time. And I LOVE IT!  His few months working at Gateway were an absolutely INCREDIBLE experience. He learned and grew so much and we are forever grateful that God allowed him to be a part of such a great work environment! But we are excited for the new season that we are entering now :)

Once we got back from Baton Rouge, Trice (my sweet sweet Trice) finally got to work on a project that has been on hold for about a year! He and my brother-in-law had built this amazing 7-foot book case, and it has been sitting in our garage... for a year. He finally painted it white and built it into our office wall. And..... he even lined the back with pretty paper!! Can you say LOVE? Yes, he LOVES me :)

So first Trice had to paint the bookcase white. Then he trimmed the baseboard so the bookcase would look like it was a built in part of the wall. He added shoe molding around the bottom and sides and then caulked it all in.

Next it was time for the paper! My sister-in-law Harmony had given us some random wallpaper a few months ago, and we had no idea what to do with it... that is, until we decided to paint our office baby blue and install a white bookcase in it :) We think it matches the walls perfectly and dresses up our pretty bookcase! Trice used a spray adhesive and sprayed each section in addition to spraying each sheet of paper. Then he just slapped it on! Looks good doesn't it? 

Painted and nailed to the wall!

Caulked, painted and lined with paper! 

Close up of the wallpaper.

So now that the easy part was over (wink wink), it was time for the true gritty grimy stuff. Figuring out how to arrange the books on the shelf! I didn't want it to just look like rows of books, so I tried to incorporate different sentimental objects and made the books face a bunch of different ways. This is what I have come up with so far, but I will definitely be rearranging already. On the bottom shelf, I want to get some cute baskets and pile some more books in them to break up the "booky" feel of the shelf. I will definitely post a picture once I have it JUUUST how I want it... which might take years!! But this is what I have done for now... Oh, and check out the cool cuckoo clock my mom got me from Germany! It now has the perfect home :)

Semi-completed bookcase arrangement.

Semi-completed bookcase arrangement.

And here is a close up of my favorite shelf thus far. It has some of the books I inherited from my grandmother, including "A Laugh a Day Keeps the Doctor Away", an engagement picture of me and T, and a cute owl that a dear friend Leah (you can check out her blog here!) got for me on some of her travel adventures.


My favorite shelf :) 

Well, that is all for today. If any of you have ideas on how to help with bookcase arrangement... BE SURE TO TELL ME! I need ideas :) Stay tuned for more posts to come!