A Happy Home Starts With a Healthy Me (Part Two)

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of us homemakers being still. The importance of slowing down and paying attention to what our needs actually are. Today I am talking about what to do once you discover what your needs are. And that is to USE YOUR VOICE.

In Shauna Niequist’s book Present Over Perfect she talks about how men always take care of their needs. If they are hungry, they eat. If they are thirsty, they drink. If they are tired, they nap. But women on the other hand are not very good at this. We just keep shoving our needs down down down and eventually we snap! I hear moms say all the time “I haven’t bathed in a week. I haven’t eaten anything today. I just need a second to breathe.” Yikes. We know what we need but we feel like we can’t get it.

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A Happy Home Starts With a Healthy Me (Part One)

When I first started this blog in 2013, I knew that I wanted to utilize the word “Headquarters,” because let’s face it, it’s punny. And funny. So I guess that would be pfunny? And we have always called our home our Headquarters.

Being a bit Type A, I knew I needed to use an H-word to go along with it. (Remember how all of my kids’ names start with E’s?) ‘Humble’ sounded too religious. ‘Honest’ didn’t provide the alliteration I was hoping for. ‘Hilarious’ set this blog up for disappointing the readers, since many times it’s serious. ‘Homey’ sounded a bit “urban.” So I settled with the word Happy. And I love Happy because I love cheeriness, and frankly, when I think of our home, I want it to evoke (not invoke, for all your grammar nerds) feelings of happiness.

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