Depression is something that I have battled from the time I was a little girl. For years I would let the feelings of depression overcome me as I sat there helplessly, assuming that this was just a part of life that I needed to accept.

It wasn’t until after having my second baby that I learned that depression is something that can be fought against.

God has called us as women to grow, flourish and be life-givers. The enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy that which God placed inside of us. The sooner we can understand those two truths, the sooner we can be victorious in this area.

Depression is rooted in lies and deceit. Flourishing is rooted in truth and love. The only way to fight lies is with the truth. And the only truth that has power against darkness is the Truth of God’s Word.

Over the last several years, the Lord has taught me how to fight against this enemy that, for too long, was claiming victory over many areas of my life. By meditating on God’s Word, filling our home with worship, and communing with God through prayer, I have learned how to fight depression head on. The Lord has taught me how to go to the battlefield victoriously, with my head held high and with my sword in my hand.

Fear is a defeated foe. Depression is a defeated foe. Anxiety is a defeated foe.

Friend, God created you to flourish. He created you to be an overcomer. What He has done for me I know He wants to do for you, too!

No more letting depression, anxiety or fear overtake your life! No more going into battle without your sword. You WILL be a woman who overcomes and is victorious in the battle that is raging within your heart and mind.

To help you transform into a woman who is battle-ready, my sweet friend Sarah and I have put together a free resource for you. Enter your information below to receive 18 printable Scripture cards that include some of our favorite verses that the Lord used to teach us to overcome depression.

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We have also put together a Spotify playlist of some of our favorite worship songs to lift your spirits if you start to feel depression coming on. It is so important for us to use our mouths to declare the truth of who God is, especially when we are in the midst of depression. Click the image below to listen to the playlist, or click the link here.

To hear more about my battle against depression, I invite you to listen to this episode of the Made to Give Life podcast with Leigh Ann Dutton. I pray it blesses and encourages you!!

May God’s Word transform you from the inside out as it has us!

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