Hello and welcome to Our Happy Headquarters, a place where faith, marriage, mommyhood and homemaking come together in a beautiful [and messy] collision! Our Happy Headquarters is a place to connect people to the love of God. It is my Psalm 107:1-2 response of obedience to share the amazing things the Lord has done for me and my family. With the Lord's help, Our Happy Headquarters will be a place that sets captives free, brings restoration to relationships, encourages those in seasons of weariness, and helps the world view life as a joyful celebration.

I'm Sarah Head, pictured above to the left of my darling husband, Trice. I'm just a Louisiana girl who now lives in the big ole' state of Texas. First things first, I love God. I have a personal relationship with Him and believe that He is the answer to life's most difficult questions. Seriously, with Him, life is just not so plum confusing, even amidst the chaos!

I have always been one to love adventure... Like the traveling and hiking type of adventure. However, for the last 7 years of my life, God has had me on a different idea of adventure!

My most favorite adventure thus far started in August 2009 when I married the love of my life, my sweet Trice. He and I are passionate about parenthood, connecting people to God, seeing marriages thrive, adoption, global missions and seeing people experience true freedom, whether it be freedom from bad decisions, debt, depression or actual physical freedom from the chains of human trafficking. When we first got married we thought we would be traveling the world and living sort of like "nomads;" however, we have instead moved 6 times (still kind of nomadic right?!), started two businesses, flipped a house and birthed three amazing children.

Which brings me to my second favorite adventure - parenthood. First a little about our precious Emerson. Red-headed, blue-eyed, smart as a whip, and constantly teaching this Momma to have fun. He came into this world in August of 2011 via a hospital birth and our lives have never been the same. He challenges me daily to be a better person, and reminds me to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. He does not have to be in a crazy, different setting to experience adventure. To him, LIFE itself is an adventure. I want to learn from him and enjoy the ride instead of always looking for the new place to go or the new thing to do.

We liked Emerson so much that we decided to have another. Which moves me to my sweet Etta Jayne. Etta Jayne was born in November 2013 via a home birth, which is something I never EVER imagined doing. Talk about an amazing adventure!! She is such a beautiful, happy little girl, loves all things fluffy and keeps us laughing and saying "awwwww" all day. I am so thankful that God has blessed us with our sweet children!

My last favorite adventure thus far has been moving to Texas and starting up a blog. In 2012, Trice and I were desperate for more of God. So we did the only reasonable thing at the time -- sold our home, packed up the moving truck, and moved to Texas. Because that's what all sane people do when they want to grow in their faith, right? It is through this move that God has drawn us into a deeper relationship with Him, humbled us from our prideful ways and brought FREEDOM to many areas of our lives. It is through this move that we have faced the toughest seasons of our marriage but have grown stronger than ever as One. It is through this move that God has called my writing gifts out of me and taught me to trust Him in all things. We are so thankful for this crazy whirlwind of an adventure that God has had us on!

Outside of being a mom and wife, I love to write (obviously), decorate, play the piano, do DIY projects, travel, meet new people, cook, entertain and stay physically fit. I can hardly write a text message or blog post without inserting a smiley :) at least five times, and I like pearls better than diamonds. I can befriend a stranger almost instantaenously, and green is my favorite color. In fact, I'm so obsessed with the color green that I even painted my piano green! I am passionate about archiving our family history, and look forward to being able to use this space to share our life's stories, our creative ideas and the lessons we have learned in our short 20-something years here on Planet Earth.

Being that our last name is Head, we like to call our home our Headquarters. And being that God has me on a "Joy Journey" and is teaching me how to cultivate happiness in our home, that is why I chose the name Our Happy Headquarters. So, welcome to Our Happy little Headquarters. Do stay a while, and feel free to strike up a conversation at any time via the comments or messaging section. XOXO