Be our Guest.

So I had posted previously that I wanted to do a "close" up of each of the rooms in our house, and so today I have decided to show you an inside look at our guest room.

First of all, I LOVE GUEST ROOMS. I love guest rooms so much that we decided that baby #2 will be sharing a room with Emerson so that we can have that extra space still available for guests. And, since we have moved to Texas, we have had 9 different people stay with us at some point or another, so I'm thankful we have had a guest room!

Before I tell you about our guest room, I wanted to give you my "top 12" list of things I like to incorporate into our guest room to make our guests feel super comfy. Keep in mind, I can tend to be a little overkill, so just choose the ideas that you like from this list to incorporate them into your own guest rooms!

Sarah's Top 12 Comfy List:

1. Have a place for luggage. Whether it be a luggage rack or a closet, make sure your guests aren't tripping over their luggage for their visit.

2. Clothes hangers. If you have a free closet in your guest room, be sure to stock it with hangers for your guests. That seems to be an easily forgotten item when travelling. And be sure they all MATCH!

3. Dresser. If you have the space for a dresser, try to incorporate it or some type of furniture that has drawers. We have a funky brown dresser and mirror that we bought at an estate sale for super cheap, it just needs some love! We will eventually line the drawers with pretty paper and paint the set a pretty color as well.

4. Extra towels and linens. Be sure your guests know where the extra towels and linens are for the guest room. We keep our extras inside the dresser of the guest room. Eventually, I will make cute tags for the dresser knobs so that guests can easily identify where the extras are. Also, providing an extra blanket for your guests is a nice touch. We keep one folded at the foot of the guest bed.

5. Full length mirror. This is a MUST. Everyone knows how frustrating it is to go on vacation and never know what you look like from the waist down. We currently just have a cheap-o mirror on the back of the door. It does the trick!

6. Hooks. Be sure to provide your guests with a place to hang their damp towels or to be able to have a place for their purse besides the floor. Currently we have hooks screwed into the back of the closet door. 

7. Travel Guides. If you have guests coming in from out of town, try to get a couple travel guides or city maps for them so they can see all the fun things to do in your area!

8. Bedside table and lamp. Be sure to give your guests a place to set down their glasses or book, etc. And always put at least one lamp on the side of the bed. When our guests arrive, I like to have the lamp turned on for that first look because it makes the room feel so cozy. Another fun touch is to put a little spray bottle of "relaxing pillow mist" on the beside table for the guests pillows. I personally like Bath & Body Works' Sleep Aromatherapy Pillow Mist. Also, I will eventually start keeping a few of my favorite books in the bedside cabinet as well for those guests who like to relax with a book before bed.

9. Extra toiletries. Anytime we stay at a hotel, I like to collect the little toiletries that come in the room so that I can have some for my guests. Ideas include shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrushes (I want these!) and body lotion. You can also buy the little mini lotions at Bath & Body Works. I like to wrap one towel set in a cute piece of fabric and tuck the toiletries inside. I then place this on the foot of the bed. Another idea would be to keep them in a dresser drawer or a cute basket, etc.

10. Sound Machine. I think this adds a really nice touch. We don't have one yet, but we need to get one of these. Desperately! Our guest room is right next to our son's room, so if our guests are light sleepers, they will probably be awoken at the crack of dawn when Emerson wakes up! Yikes! Although nobody has complained yet :)

11. Welcome treats. If you can, find out if your guests have a particular chocolate or candy that they like, or maybe they like sparkling water. Find out and set it on their bed. This makes for a welcoming surprise :) I also like to find out if they have any favorites that I can keep stocked in my fridge or pantry for them as well.

12. Welcome note. This is HUGE. Growing up, any time I would stay at my sister's house, she always had a note on the bed for me telling me how thankful she was that I was able to stay and to make myself comfortable. I think this adds a really nice touch, and it lets your guests know that they aren't a nuisance, but rather a blessing to you! I also have a little homemade message board in the kitchen that I like to put a welcome note on as well!

Well, there is my list! I don't follow it perfectly by any means, but if everything was IDEAL at all times, those are the things I would try to incorporate :)

Now on to our guest room! Our guest room is supposed to be travel themed, but we are just starting out so I haven't quite gotten all the "travel-type" stuff that I would like to eventually decorate with. For now, we have a fun travel pillow and some vintage luggage and some Travel magazines. That designates it as travel-theme, right?

When we bought our current Head Quarters, the guest room was aqua. Like, the most aqua of aquas I have ever seen... Even the ceiling! So that was step number 1. Paint the room! We did a flat white ceiling paint, and we chose to paint the walls in Behr's Harvest Brown (which is the color in our halls) and we lightened it 50%. So now there is a nice flow from hall to guest room. For me, we wanted a soothing neutral, and this has turned out to be perfect!

The head board is an old door that Trice transformed and mounted to the wall.

We have vintage luggage on a table in one corner that I found at a garage sale and my mom's Shoppe in Baton Rouge. I also got the cute wicker chair from my mom's store. (If you haven't been to her store yet, you should totally go!! Look up "THIS OLDE SHOPPE" on Facebook!)

Once again, the dresser was purchased for CHEAP at an estate sale. It will eventually be prettier than it is, but hey, it works for now!

Our bedside lamp we found ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. It's amazing what people throw away!

The last picture shows what I like to do with our towels. Our curtains came with curtain ties, and I like to use those to bundle a towel, hand towel and wash rag together for our guests. I recommend inserting the toiletries or any other treats here :)

Okay, that's enough of the talking. Here's what we have done in our guest room for now. As we add more fun things to the room, I will keep you posted :)

For our last guest, Amy, we put her favorite chocolates in the room and also wrote her a sweet note that we left on the bedside table.

Thank you for visiting our guest room. Perhaps one day we will have the opportunity to have you stay with us!

XOXO, Sarah