A Little Invention That Has Made My Life Easier

So hello again blog world! Trice and I have been gone for the last several weeks, and can I say it is just SO GOOD TO BE HOME? Dorothy knew just what she was talking about when she clacked those red heels of hers and said "there is no place like home."

After returning from a trip, I love doing all the laundry, restocking the pantry, and getting reorganized and back into our little routine. Our kids love it too! They seem to thrive on it! Since being back home, Emerson has taken to potty training (finally!), and Etta Jayne is moving on from purees to solid food. Speaking of Etta Jayne.... she is 8 1/2 months old now. What. Happened. To. The. Time?! And Mr. Emerson Pants will be 3 next month! I used to feel like time was moving at a perfect pace, but now I can say it's just moving too fast!

Today I wanted to share about a little invention that has changed my life... Okay, maybe that is too strong of a statement, but it has definitely made my life easier! That little invention is the Hard Wood Floor Vaccuum!

Okay, so I know you may be thinking I am crazy, because I'm sure everyone with pets or wood floors owns one of these bad boys, but I was clueless to its existence until recently! When Trice and I first got married, we lived in an all-carpet apartment, with a teensy amount of floor to sweep in the kitchen and bathroom. Then we moved into a little house in Baton Rouge with wood floors and a decent amount of tile. I just kept on sweeping because that's what my momma did, that's what Trice did, that's what my sister did, and the floor space wasn't overwhelming, so I just dealt with it.

Once we moved into our beloved Red Wolf Drive here in Texas, sweeping got a little more overwhelming, because we have waaaaay more wood floor space. I felt like sweeping just moved the dust from Point A to Point B instead of floor to dustpan. That was when I frustratingly got online and searched to see if anyone had a better way to clean wood floors. And alas! I came across the hard wood floor vacuum. The particular vacuum that we got is affordable, lightweight, small in size, and FUN to use. In fact, it is so fun that Trice and I fight over who gets to vacuum the floors! Just last night we were fighting over who would vacuum... and I thought I had won the war... and then that boy took over and left me to the mopping. Sneaky sneaky. Maybe I'll have better luck next time.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share this with you in case you, like me, have been left in the dark about the hard wood floor/pet vacuum. It really has made cleaning so much quicker and easier! And anything that makes cleaning quicker and easier is a total plus in my book, because let's just say that cleaning isn't my favorite cup o' tea. But really, is it anyone's favorite cup o' tea?

Now to figure out how to get the baseboards to clean themselves... :)

Happy cleaning!