Embracing My Now

Hello world! It has been quite some time since I have blogged. I was taking a break from social media again for a couple of weeks, and it was such a treat! It’s nice to unplug from time to time!

So God has done something very cool in my heart the last couple of weeks! To be real, for the longest time I viewed my family as a hindrance to the calling that God put on my life. I wanted to be on the front lines of fighting human trafficking and traveling around the world with Trice as missionaries for Jesus. With “Achiever” as my #1 strength, my bucket list and to-do list were ever growing. After having Emerson, I tried to set aside my dreams for a little while, and I thought I was doing a good job… and then I had Etta Jayne! Having a new baby again comes along with no me-time whatsoever; and having two kids means less energy and time that I have to pursue my dreams and visions. The last few months, I lay in bed at night so frustrated because I kept waiting for my BIG moment, and it seemed that my family just kept. getting. in. my. way! I know it sounds awful, but hey, I’m just being real!

And then that was when my sister introduced me to Women Living Well Ministries and invited me to do the Proverbs 31 e-book with her. Over the last couple of weeks God has really solidified in my heart that my calling is MY FAMILY. Too many times I have focused on doing “something big” for God. But according to Titus 2, the “big thing” that God calls me to first and foremost (outside of being a Christian) is to love and take care of my husband and children! I cannot live a divided life, pushing my kids to the backburner and trying to force my way into doing something “big” or “meaningful.” I don't want to waste this short season of being a mom, grumbling and waiting for something bigger. Knowing that God is a redeemer and restorer of all things, I fully trust that those dreams and passions that he put in my heart as a little girl WILL come to fruition one day in HIS perfect timing. But he asks me to surrender them today and fully engage in my NOW, my family, my home.

So I have been! And it has been so freeing and SO FUN! Now that my head is out of the clouds, I’ve been able to bring a new sense of excellence to my home! This is so exciting to finally know that I am right where I am supposed to be :) I can't wait to share the fun and fresh inspiration that God has given me lately for my family!

Now please don’t read this and think I am telling you how to live your life. This post just simply shows the work that God has done in my heart and the journey he has taken me on. Seek God first and he will lead you along the right path for your family!

Love and hugs,