Learning Towers

Hands down one of my favorite purchases for Emerson thus far has been our Learning Tower. When I first heard about these, I knew we needed one! Basically, it is a tower that you can pull up to your countertops that your kids can safely stand in and, well, learn! Instead of pulling a chair up to the counter and potentially falling off, Emerson can scoot his tower wherever he wants to go safely. 

Here are a few pictures of the Learning Tower in action:

He uses it to wash his hands, put away the silverware, do science experiments in the sink and help me cook, among other things! I love that it is a safe way to give him a little more independence.

Perhaps one of my favorite things about the Learning Tower is that I can now sleep in... Because Emerson is so independent he cooks his own breakfast with it! Okay, I kid. But seriously... Watch the video:

To learn more information and see all the color options [they even have apple green!!] check them out on Amazon. Frankly, I didn't have that huge of a budget, so we were lucky to find ours on Craigslist. Also, for all you DIY folks, there are numerous tutorials like THIS that show how you can make a similar one on your own!

I hope you found this helpful, and that you are able to get or make a learning tower of your own! Now, excuse me as I go kick up my feet while Emerson cooks dinner. ;) Adios!