Our Joy Journey - Random Acts of Joy Ideas

We have had so much fun so far doing random acts of joy this month!

One of the things I feel like God is showing me is how much He loves to shower His love on us. But because God does not have actual hands and feet here on this earth, He uses PEOPLE to be His hands and feet. Isn't it neat that God chose to partner with PEOPLE to show His love? What an exciting opportunity :) Realizing this really makes me want to steward His call on my life so very well. My prayer is that people are drawn to and wooed by their loving Father through these random acts of joy. And that the hopeless will be given hope. And that the lonely will know that they are noticed and not alone. And that the frazzled person will get the fresh breath of air that they need. And that the depressed hearts will turn to JOY!

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Our Joy Journey - Spreading Joy One Day at a Time

Happy November everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful October, and I hope the Fall weather is bringing warmth and joy to your heart!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I did a 31-day challenge to celebrate my birthday last month! The challenge was to find something to celebrate each day of the month, and to fully embrace it and be thankful for it. I am usually not quick to do any sort of 31-day challenge or to overpost about my birthday, but this year was different.

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Special Mail.

So my oldest sister, Katherine, and I are pretty much twinkies! I was always called "little Katherine" growing up, and when she was home, I was always by her side. Although she is 10 years older than me, she spent countless hours bonding with me, French braiding my hair, making up dances in the car with me, and letting me use her shampoo and lotion all the time. We have a lot of the same personality traits, and we just click. We are so much in fact twinkies that my son decided to come three weeks early just so he could be delivered on Katherine's son's 5th birthday. I just think that is crazy that our boys even share a birthday! Anyhow, she is truly one of my HEROES, and I owe a lot of gratitude to her for investing so much into my life and helping me to be the person I am today.

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