Sacred Motherhood

I have been an emotional basket case lately! Trice has been traveling a lot, and I’ve been overwhelmed by all that goes into parenting two toddlers all on my own. And so often when I am overwhelmed, it's so easy to just go numb. BUT GOD. But God in His goodness faithfully met me right where I was last week and started pouring out fresh perspective for me. And the tears. They just. Keep. Flowing.

So much so that when Trice was home the other day, we watched this Zillow commercial about this family finding the perfect house with a tree house for their son, and I lost it. Trice could do nothing but laugh at me. But YALL. That boy’s face. That music. That scene. It was just so precious!

And no, before you ask, I am not pregnant. For sure. I just needed an emotional release BIG TIME and God is letting me have it. You should have seen my mascara streaked face during worship yesterday. (On a side note, isn’t that always the worst when you have no tissues on hand and you are leaking mascara and then you are asked to greet those around you? “Hi I’m Sarah. Excuse my face.”) 

Anyhow, I wanted to share what’s been on my heart.

As you all know, this whole motherhood thing can be pretty tough. You all have read about my struggles with “giving up my dreams and passions” to become a mom. You all know that sometimes as a mom I have struggled to feel like I am “doing enough.” I mean, there are Christians being beheaded in the Middle East right now, and all God expects of me to do right now is put ‘John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt’ on repeat in the car, play with choo choo trains and make sure our floors are clean for Little Miss “Eat Everything That I Can Find On The Floor?”

But then God started reminding me of my passions. He brought me back to some journal entries from 2007, and my heart’s plea with the Lord at that time was to help further His kingdom. To see lost people get saved. To see lives turned around and transformed. To embrace the hurting. To be His hands and feet. To love like He loves.

In my mind, I thought the fulfillment of this passion would look a lot like being a medical missionary. Or I thought that fighting human trafficking would be a way to fulfill this heart's desire. Both of which are GREAT THINGS.

But do you know what a lot of that "being His hands and feet" is beginning to sound like to me? MOTHERHOOD.

I mean think about it. What exactly is Motherhood?

Is it not feeding the hungry? (particularly Annie’s Bunnies and Veggie Straws?)

Is it not clothing (and reclothing) the naked?

Is it not getting out our servant’s towel as we wash and dry precious pudgy feet and big- bellied bodies?

Is it not loving the (at times) hard-to-love?

Is it not giving to the poor? (because we ALL know that children don't earn a paycheck.)

Is it not putting another’s needs before our very own? (like letting them potty first when your not-as-strong-as-it-used-to-be bladder really needs to go too.)

Is it not healing the sick? (via kissing boo boos and applying lots of Thieves on the feet?)

Is it not sharing the Gospel day in and day out with our children in hopes of seeing their hearts turn to Jesus? In this way it being a literal advancing of His Kingdom?

Is it not just like being the actual hands and feet of Jesus?

You see, Motherhood in a sense is the direct fulfillment of so many things that Jesus calls us to do.

Have you ever thought about that before? Oh boy, the tears are flowing again.

I mean what other position out there is more sacred than giving of yourself day in and day out to precious children that don’t exactly give a lot in return in the world’s standards? There are no paychecks with this job. There are no promotions. This Motherhood is a pro-bono position. (with LOTS of great benefits!!)

What other position calls for such humility to leave behind your accomplishments and titles for a season and serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week behind the scenes? And some days not even getting so much as a “thank you” or “you’re the best mom ever” in return?

What other position calls for you to literally die to your self, your hunger, your needs, your sleep, your desires and your wishes more so than Motherhood?

What other position allows you to see like He sees, hear like He hears and love selflessly like He loves more so than Motherhood?

What position can grow you and challenge you and refine you more than being a mom?

This Motherhood position is the most sacred position out there. And the young years of motherhood are only for a season. A short, fleeting season.

Yes, you young momma, YOU are doing ENOUGH. You are doing EXACTLY what Jesus calls you to do. You are imitating Christ so beautifully through loving your children.

By raising your children, that many less children are in the foster care system. I mean, if we all quit being moms, our foster care systems would be inundated.

By feeding your children, that many less children are starving.

By training your children to be sexually pure, that many less teen pregnancies are happening.

By modeling a healthy marriage for your children, that many less divorces will happen in their generation.

By sharing the Gospel with your children, that many more lost people will be saved.

You see, it all starts with US. It all starts with the FAMILY. It all starts with the HOME. That's how God designed it.

Our world NEEDS moms who are fully engaged in their kid's lives and who are being a living, breathing example of Jesus Christ to them each day. Our world NEEDS moms who are brave and who show up each day to parent even in the midst of exhaustion. Our world NEEDS moms who set the example of what it means to partner with God and parent with grace. Our world NEEDS moms who love unconditionally, embrace tenderly and discipline consistently. 

And maybe that is why mothers are so attacked. Maybe that is why the Enemy fights to distract us from our role and causes us to run after other “more noble” things. Because He knows how important and sacred this role is.

But may we not lose sight of our calling. May we not go another day rolling our eyes or wishing we were someplace other than right here with our children. May we understand the immensity of this task that God has assigned to us. May we never ever ever take it lightly. This season will be gone before we know it.

My heart for SO MANY YEARS has yearned to imitate Jesus Christ in everything I do. And by God’s grace, He has placed me in the BEST position ever to become more like Jesus day in and day out. 

And for that I am forever grateful.

You stay at home mom, you working mom, you single mom: THANK YOU for answering the call to share the Gospel and feed the hungry and clothe the naked. God is so pleased with you. Never forget just how sacred your role is in advancing the Kingdom of God. For you are literally changing the world one snuggle at a time.

Father, we thank you for entrusting us to be mothers. Thank you that even amidst our imperfections, you chose to use US to bring forth life on the earth. Thank you for believing in us and partnering with us in our weaknesses to make us more like Jesus. May a holy revival start with us, within the hearts of the mothers all around the world. And may our children give their hearts to you and yearn to follow you all the days of their lives. In Jesus' name we pray. AMEN.