Pancakes & Pajamas

Last week we celebrated our sweet Etta Jayne’s 1st birthday. I feel like it was just yesterday that we brought our baby girl into the world. Time is really flying, and I don’t know if I am okay with it or not! Our girl is so close to walking, and she loves to clap her hands and wave to every passerby she sees. She’s such a sweetie!

We chose to do a Pancakes and Pajama party because we just LOVE anything with breakfast, and we love hanging out in our cozy pajamas. So first things first.. if you do a Pancakes and Pajamas theme, be sure to WEAR PJ's! Here we are all sporting our jammies:

For invitations, I ordered a cute invite off Etsy. We bought a new printer a couple of months ago, so I just ordered the digital file and printed them at home. That saved us some buckaroos.

For the decorations, I literally spent like $4.00 on paper and mini clothespins, and another $6 something on monthly Instagram shots of our girl for her banner. My husband bought Etta Jayne (okay ME) some flowers for our entry table. We also had a bunting banner that kind of hung on a random wall. [Actually... it's still on that wall. I should probably take it down at some point...] The majority of décor was found around our home. By the way, don't you love that frame for Instagram pictures? That was a really fun project. Maybe I'll post a tutorial about it soon!

For food we made pancakes with different toppings and homemade syrup, a parfait station, mini quiches, a fruit tray, coffee and a few juices. For dessert my sister-in-law made these amazing French toast cupcakes with maple syrup frosting and bacon on top. Yum yum! I added a few little labels here and there, and we wrapped the Whip Cream with fun paper. Add an Etta Jayne banner and voila! A beautiful dessert table :)

For Etta Jayne's smash cake, Trice and I cheated and used a strawberry cake mix. We then stacked it ourselves and made a yummy vanilla frosting with sprinkles. We added a mini bunting banner in the party colors, which also acted as a little headband while our sweet girl was smashing into her cake. I thought the cake came out super cute considering we did it in about an hour and we are amateurs :) The cake truly did not last long as our Etta Jayne EXCEEDED our cake smashing expectations. Cake was everywhere, and it was truly a blast!

Due to the fact that we had lots of toddlers and big kids at the party, we wanted to keep them entertained. We found a guy in our neighborhood who rents out spacewalks to the neighbors for about $90 for the day. But we got an even deeper discount, and got to rent it for $60 because we picked it up and set it up ourselves. And we had it for almost two full days! We thought that was a pretty sweet deal :) 

Our final party cost was $208.56 for over 20 people. That includes everything from invites to food to spacewalk to decor. We had a blast and didn't break the bank. That's a double plus in our eyes. Yay!

Lastly we started a little tradition that Etta Jayne gets a birthday rose from Daddy for each year of her age. So this year she got one, next year she will get two, etc. Here she is receiving her sweet flower!

If you are scratching your head wondering what to do for your little one's birthday celebration, maybe look into this theme for yourself :) It's so fun! We all had a blast hanging out in our pajamas, spending time with good friends, and celebrating our sweet girl. She was truly pooped by the end of it! We love you Etta Jayne!