An Open Letter to my Hubby on Our Anniversary

My Handsome Trice,

6 years. Can you believe it? Looking back 6 years ago, I don’t think I ever imagined we would be where we are now at 6 years. We have an amazing son who is almost 4, our little Bean. And we have an oh so precious daughter who is almost 2, our party in a body! We have a cute little house in the heart of DFW. And we still like each other!

Thank you for all you have taught me these last 6 years.

Thank you for always making my toothbrush for me.

Thank you for always eating the rest of my apples for me since I don’t like getting my nose sticky :)

Thank you for always leaving me notes around the house. You have such an amazing knack for writing, and I cannot wait to see what God does with that!

Thank you for always building cool things for our house. Like the “barrel” wall, the chalkboards, our mantle art, Emerson’s light board, our bookcase in the office, your shelves in the garage among many many other things. You have serious talent. You are always the most alive when you have a project to do. Your attention to detail just amazes me.

Thank you for working so hard for our family. For being willing to leave your place of comfort for extended periods of time, live out of a suitcase and work looooong hours. Your dedication to our family is so amazing!

Thank you for thinking I am sexy. For loving every little part of me. For not noticing my flaws and for teaching me to love myself just the way I am.

Thank you for gracing us with your amazing chef skills. Your creativity in the kitchen inspires me (to eat). Some of my favorites over the years have been Chicken Parmesan, White Chili, Cabbage Night (do you remember that?), Egg Rolls, Pistachio Ice Cream, Homemade Apple Pie and Add Your Own Toppings Tortilla Soup.

Thank you for not being scared to make a mess. For being willing to pull every pot and pan out to make our meals amazing and memorable, when I would rather just cook in one pan and slack off a little bit… You have taught me that messes just aren’t a big deal. Cleaning the dishes is nothing to stress about. It takes a little bit of time, and it’s worth it when our food has been prepared with so much thought and love.

Thank you for knowing how to put out a fire when our big, amazing, juicy steaks caught on fire in the oven at Chairman. As sad as it was to see our yummy steaks covered in fire extinguisher stuff… I was so thankful that our house didn’t burn down :)

Thank you for making me taste Brussels sprouts. I remember immediately saying no because I thought they were gross. And you totally called me out and asked if I had ever even tried them. Brussels sprouts are now one of my favorite vegetables! I always see it as a treat when we cook them!

Thank you for changing the oil in my car. I love that we get to save so many dollars by you just doing it yourself. Plus we know that it is done the right way. Thank you for being willing to do that in the heat or the cold. Have I ever told you how hot you look when covered in a little car grease? :)

Thank you for helping me clean the house. You have had so much patience with me as I have learned the ins and outs of laundry and cleaning toilets and dusting and scrubbing baseboards. Never once have you made me feel inferior for being such a sloooow cleaner.

Thank you for waking up with me in the middle of the night in those early weeks when I was nursing Emerson just so I wouldn’t have to be alone. And for feeding me trail mix and Jelly Bellys and making sure I had enough water to stay hydrated. Thank God Etta Jayne latched early on so I didn’t have to pump and do all that crazy stuff. We got more sleep with Etta Jayne than we did with Emerson, that’s for sure!

Thank you for never being grossed out by me. From me having babies, to getting surgery, to throwing up… You’ve never made me feel gross or embarrassed!

Thank you for loving God. For allowing Him to transform you. For thinking about God all throughout your day. For leading me to love God beside you. One of my favorite things about you from the time we started dating until now is the way you pray. You have so much passion, and I love hearing that come out when we talk to our Father.

Thank you for being grounded. For having a strong moral foundation and for not drifting with every thought that the world throws our way. You are solid in your faith and solid in your moral reasoning. I NEED THAT. And I am so thankful that God gave you to me to lead in this area!!

Thank you for the way you love our kids. For not grumbling when you have to watch them. For thinking of me and my needs and letting me have my “me time” or time to write at Starbucks. This is something that has taken us a little while to figure out, but I’m glad we are learning to give each other freedom and space. It’s healthy for us both!

Thank you for all the times you have fed a homeless person, filled up someone’s gas and told a stranger that Jesus loves them. You have such a servant’s heart. I learn from you daily how to be a better servant. You exemplify our Savior in this area so well.

Thank you for giving your input when we decorate our house. And for having input in our wedding. And the kids’ birthday parties. I love that you CARE about these things. You understand that it’s about US and our FAMILY, not just about me and what I like. It makes me feel special to know that you care too!

Thank you for rescuing Etta Jayne’s smash cake last year. You were not going to let me settle for a crappy cake! I appreciate your help with that. And with everything I cook. Even though I can make you feel bad sometimes, I secretly want you to teach me your ways ;)

Thank you for all the gifts you have bought me over the years: camera, iPod, Anthropologie nightgowns, Cricut, pearl ring, stand mixer, monogrammed robe and Kindle among so many other treats! I love the way you shower me with gifts!

Thank you for all the fun dates we have gone on. They have all been fun and memorable with the exception of a few… Do you remember how awful the Nutcracker was? How we left before it was over? And the same with the Harlem Globetrotters?

Thank you for making cute children with me. :) You're really good at that!

Thank you for always knowing how to fix things, even if it means you have to look up the how-to on YouTube. Oven’s broken? No problem. Trice will fix it. Sink is clogged? No big deal. Trice will fix it. Headlights are foggy looking? No biggie. Trice will make them look brand new.

Thank you for thinking about the things that I just don’t have time to think about. For changing the air filters, for covering the pipes in the winter, for watering the grass, for cutting/edging/weeding the yard and for washing the cars, among so many other things!

Thank you for all the fun adventures you have taken me on – Chicago, New York, Boston, Tennessee, St. Louis, Alaska, Vancouver, and all the fun things we have done in the DFW Metroplex. I love exploring with you!

Thank you for encouraging me to eat weird foods.

Thank you for throwing my first ever surprise party!! Even if it meant throwing a fake one at first so I wouldn’t figure out about the real party!

Thank you for not leaving my side when I was in labor with Emerson and Etta Jayne. With you by my side, I really felt like I could conquer the world.

These are just a few minor things that I am thankful for. Really, you BLOW ME AWAY every single day. You are the most perfect for me man ever. In the whole wide universe.

I love you more than you know. To infinity and beyond. More than anything you say +1. Times infinity. Oodles and noodles. To the moon and back. I even love you more than dark chocolate covered almonds. And that’s huge.

I am so thankful for the memories we have been able to make for the last 6 years of being married and 7 ½ years of being together. Life with you has been one wild ride and a grand adventure. We have had ups and downs. We have had seasons where we didn’t get along too well. But I love that we have always stayed best friends. I love that we haven’t ever stopped liking each other. And I love that our love has grown and matured so much. What started off as so young and emotional has turned into a choice that we have made from the core of our beings. To love each other until death do we part.

I love you Trice Head. Happy anniversary!